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Description   Scores Audio   Artists  
Title Year Instruments/style Lead Mp3 CD Performed a.o by  
ASAM. As Simple As Mean 2001 5/4 Jazz line quintet   Mp3   Line Up  
All Gods Major Got Minor 1993 Jazz Line       Line Up  
A Lover`s Notes 1996 Jazz ballad   Mp3 CD Sketch  
As Low As It Gets 2005 Jazz Up Rhythm Change       Jesse Van Ruller  
Bass To Bass 2001 Bass and drums Lead sheet Mp3 CD Too Much Bass  
Bass Mutation 2004 Classical  bass/piano     Dan Styffe  
Blues For Optimists 2009 Jazz Blues   CD Robert Rook Quartet  
Breakfast Song 1999 Jazz Quintet Lead sheet     Line Up  
Calm Stretch 1995 Jazz ballad Quintet Lead sheet Mp3 CD Line Up  
Changes That Matter 2010 Jazz Line       TWA & Håkon Storm  
Clearing The Voice 2004 Big Band       Winther-Storm  
Cross Atlantic View nr. 1 2002 Nonet       Rutger Molenkamp xxl  
Cross Atlantic View nr. 3 2010 Jazz Line 9/8     CD Winther-Storm  
Cross Atlantic View nr. 6 2009 Jazz Line ballad     CD Winther-Storm  
Cunning Homecoming 1994 Medium swing nonet       T. W. Andersen Quartet  
Dobbelt Spill 1992 Ballad       Dance performance  
Double Fusion Part 1, 2, 3, 4 2008 Suite 4 saxes and jazz quintet       Esquire /Captain Hook  
Drained Feelings 2001 Jazz Ballad     CD Robert Rook Trio  
Dun Ijs 1991 Jazz ballad       Meeting Point  
Eet smakelijk 1988 Straight 8 feel       Kittas Bop tik  
Faster Than Your Legs 2007 Jazzfunk     CD Robert Rook Quartet  
Far Away 1996 Jazz Line Quintet lead sheet Mp3 CD Line Up  
Folk 2000 Fast Jazz Waltz     CD One van Geel Quartet and Line Up  
Forlane 2010 Arrangement of Ravel   Mp3 CD Winther-Storm  
Global Perspective 1994 3/4 Jazz Ballad     CD Sketch  
Having Some Time to Think 1991 Slow latin Quintet and Bigband       Meeting Point and Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw  
Hymn For Fall 2004 Jazz Waltz     CD Robert Rook Trio  
I Could Remember More 1990 Jazz Line       T.W. Andersen Quartet  
Infiltration 1997 7/4 Jazzfunk Lead sheet Mp3 CD Sketch  
Insinuation 1996 4/4 Latin feel     CD Robert Rook Trio  
It was Time but I didn`t 1997 Medium Jazz     CD Sketch  
Kitta`s Bop Tik 1994 Latin jazz     CD Robert Rook Trio  
Kriebels 1989 Up modal  jazz        Meeting Point  
Line 7 1992 Jazz line       T.W. Andersen Quartet  
Magic Moments 1994 Med modal jazz     CD Kittas Bop Tik /Robert Rook Trio  
Melting Point 1993 Fast modal jazz     CD Sketch  
Mixed Color 1990 Fast modal Jazz       Meeting Point  
Mixed Up 2011 6/4 Groove   Mp3 CD Winther Storm  
Mr. T 1990 Minor Blues       T.W. Andersen Quartet  
My Care 1995 Up tempo jazz line     CD Line Up  
Neutral Blues 1999 Blues variation nonet       Sketch  
Nr 2 1998 Improvisation   Mp3 CD Line Up  
Off Blues 1988 Jazz with meter changes       T.W. Andersen Quartet  
Ozon Feber 1990 Contemporay jazz ballad       Michiel Borstlap T.W. Andersen  
Prazer de Macacoe 1994 Brasilian jazz       Kittas Bop Tik  
Prelude nr 1 2001 Solo string instruments     CD Too Much Bass  
Prepared For Midwinter 2008 Slow Jazz Waltz     CD Robert Rook Quartet  
Put At Ease 1992 Medium Jazz song       T.W. Andersen Quartet  
Roving Rook 1994 Jazz piece     CD  Robert Rook Trio  
Riff og Allsang 2009 7/4 Jazz piece   Mp3 CD  Winther-Storm  
7th Heaven 1997 Slow Blues     CD Robert Rook Quartet  
Sketch 1997 Jazz fast feat drums     CD Sketch  
Skjørtejeger 1994 Slow blues line      CD Line Up  
SUS  1990 Jazz blues with bridge        Line Up  
Sure Gledestoner 1999 Jazz slow medium       Old Quarter Band  
Theme for Baddebok 1990 6/8 Modal jazz       Meeting Point  
Thoughts About You 1991 Jazz Line       T.W. Andersen Quartet  
Three For Two 1999 Jazz Waltz       Sketch  
Too Much Bass? 2000 Bass Feature     CD Too Much Bass  
Trance Formations 2009 Med Up jazz line   Mp3 CD Winther-Storm  
Tribute To Jochem 2007 Jazz     CD Robert Rook Quartet  
TR Oslo 1993 Latin Jazz       T.W. Andersen Quartet  
Trefot 2001 6/4 Jazzfunk       One Van Geel Quartet  
Upright Funeral Music 2001 Classical  2 basses          
Variation of a Jazz Ballad 2002 Classical bass/ piano          
Vi får se 1996 Brazilian funk Bigband       Kitta's Bop Tik and NG Bigband  
Why Spot 1994 Jazz with meter changes       Line Up  
Windy Surroundings 1995 Jazz with meter changes     CD Line Up