Thomas Winther Andersen - Bass
Natalio Sued - Tenor saxophone
Mark Coehoorn - Drums
Håkon Storm - Guitar

The Norwegian guitarist Håkon Storm and bassist Thomas Winther Andersen worked together in different combinations for more than two decades. Winther- Storm is their latest quartet. In 2011 the band toured in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. Now their 2nd album titled Spinnaker (NORCD 1217) is released. Their first album Patchwork (NORCD 1096) was released in 2010.

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The band balances their sound between an acoustic jazz quartet and an electric band. The repertoir is mainly composed by Winther Andersen and Håkon Storm. Dreamy ballads, Blues riffs, jazz harmonies with lyrical lines, intense modal improvisations with strong rhythmic character. It all seems to blend well with these versatile musicians.

The combination of three nationalities, individual voices, original compositions and meeting point Amsterdam has already prooved to be an successful blend. It will evolve live at jazz stages years to come.

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Quotes from the press.

...The music is exceptionally beautiful and contemplative, at moments intense and rockish. The four musicians blend very well together and uniquely fill the spinnaker
Tor Hammaro, Oct. 2012

The quartet utilizes a modern jazz language for individual views, that blow you away and leave you behind with a big smile.
Helge Olsen, Bergens Tidene 03/11 2010

......The title Patchwork suits the music, both serving the general listeners as well as the musicians who want to check scales, chords and rhythm. A good combination
Ole Albrekt Nedrelid, Jazznytt:2010

Trance Formations" from the cd Patchwork won Third Place in the Jazz category at the 2010 International Songwriting Competition. Jury members were John Scofield, Terence Blanchard and McCoy Tyner:

Patchwork is joy from the first second. It is both modern and anchored in tradition. .... Let's hope Winther Storm will make more albums. This is a recommendation.     19 of 20 ein Ubevlieger
Ingo Andruschkewitsch -

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....... Very Listenable it is too.
Dagens Næringsliv 9/1 1999

........The project is carried out in a grand way, with eminent solo performances

Dagsavisen 10/1 99           The name Line Up originates from Lennie Tristano's famous variation of the same name, based on "All Of Me" from 1955. Tristano's solo seemed to be an impossibility. We think the impossible is a decent aim to have, hence the name of the band!

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Tenorsaxophone: Natalio Sued

The Argentinen saxophonist has performed with many of the finest local musicians in Buenos Aires. In 2001 he moved to Amsterdam. In the Netherlands he has developed into a player and composer with a very distinct sound. He has played with Ernesto Jodos, Michael Moore, Guus Jansen, Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Rodrigo Dominguez and many others. He has also composed and played for the contemporary big band "Tetzepi"

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Drums. Mark Coehoorn

Mark is one of the new young talents on the Dutch jazz scene. He started playing drums at the age of six. He studied at the Amsterdam conservatory with Marcel Serierse and Lucas van Merwijk. Since Mark moved to Amsterdam, he has performed with many different artists, such as Benjamin Herman, Lars Dietrich, Joris Roelofs and Jesse van Ruller, to name just a few.

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Håkon Storm  guitar

Håkon Storm has worked with some of the best and most respected musicians in Norway. He teaches guitar, ensemble, rhythmic training, composition, theory and improvisation classes at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. A prolific composer, he has produced works for big band and small jazz ensembles. He regularly performs with his own bands. Håkon has toured several times in Japan and the USA, as well as Europe, playing with groups in all formats.

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Torgrim Sollid: Trumpet, born 1942 (Norway)

img/pdf-logo.gif  Press release Spinnaker
img/pdf-logo.gif  Press release Patchwork

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Mixed Up - T.W. Andersen
Spinnaker - Håkon Storm

Trance Formations - T.W. Andersen
Macro Wave - Håkon Storm
Forlane - M. Ravel

Riff og allsang- T.W. Andersen