Another Day At The Office

Jan 17, 2019

Another Day At The Office

Axel Hagen – archtop steel string guitar
Olaf Tarenskeen – nylon string guitar
Thomas W.Andersen – bass
Joan Terol Amigó -  drums

01. Is Anybody Out There? (comp.: Axel Hagen- Olaf Tarenskeen) 00:51
02. Unanswered Questions For Believers (comp.: Olaf Tarenskeen) 04:52
03. Octo Blues (comp.: Axel Hagen) 05:19
04. Once Before (comp.: Olaf Tarenskeen) 05:24
05. Reza (comp.: Axel Hagen) 06:15
06. Overview (comp.: Olaf Tarenskeen) 04:57
07. Corrugated Iron Roof (comp.: Thomas W. Andersen) 05:19
08. I’ll remember August (comp.: Ralph Towner) 05:24
09. Waltz for Jim (comp.: Axel Hagen) 03:55
10.Fifth House (comp.: John Coltrane) 04:58

Recorded June 5th 2018 by Micha de Kanter at the Toonzaal, Den Bosch, mixed and mastered by Micha de Kanter,
Fotos by Andre Meyer-Vitali,, graphic design by Jan Peter Boelema,
Produced by Axel Hagen and Olaf Tarenskeen, executive producer axelhagenmusic

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