Robert Rook

The Robert Rook Band
Groovebox meets seducing improvisations.

Robert Rook – Fender Rhodes and MPC Groove Box
Bart van Helsdingen – Drums
Thomas Winther Andersen – Electric Bass
Efraim Trujillo on Saxophone.

Robert plays the piano in a way that any musicians hanging at the bar, will forget their beer, turn their heads towards the music and say : who is that incredible piano player?

Robert`s solos are always expressive and he is able to carry away the listeners (and him self). He prefers to treat compositions that are simple and strong and then expand them,  a bit as an selfextracting file. A song should not contain more score information than what will fit on the back of a coaster, he says. The repertoire consists of funky grooves, swinging jazz standards, original compositions and some free improvisation.

Every musician will be jealous of Roberts’s rare talent: Strong rhythmic feeling absolute pitch and great technique. If you ask him to sing on a karaoke show (except they don t have the records) he will scat solos of Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter & John Coltrane without missing a note. It is just a tool he says. While talking with Robert about music he always stress the importance of the band interaction and decisions according to blend, mood and balance. It is all Psychology, he says refereeing to cooking and telling simple things like: Certain spices to certain meals, you don’t know why but you taste it.

The acoustic trio is also regularly expanded with soloist such as:
Rob Armus tenorsax
Efraim Trujillo – tenorsax
Miguel Martinez – Alto sax
Natalio Sued – Tenorsax

Other drummers also being featured in the trio and quartets are:
Dick Verbeeck
Victor de Boo
David Barker