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Jun 15, 2023

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1. TR Oslo
2. Line 7
3. Put At Ease
4. Mr. T
5. I Could Remember More
6. Off Blues
7. All Gods Major Got Minor

All composition by Thomas Winther Andersen

Jasper Blom – Tenor Saxophone
Berend van den Berg – Piano
Wim Kegel – Drums
Thomas Winther Andersen Bass

2,3,4,6, recorded at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, now the Conservatory Hotel, February 1993
Sound Technician Joep Lumeij

1,5,7 Recorded Musikklærerforening, Oslo, August 1994
Sound Technician Per Øystein Berglund

Mastering: December 29th 2020 Peter Brusse, Qpoint, Hilversum

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TR Oslo
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