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    Feb 24, 2024
    Thomas Winther Andersen Delayed Debut

    Thomas Winther Andersen – Bass Jasper Blom – Tenor Saxophone Berend van den Berg – Piano Wim Kegel – Drums Presenting album Delayed Debut and new material for recording 2024. Link to spotify album

    Feb 3, 2024
    Dick Verbeeck Cottonclub

    Daan Herweg – Piano Dimitri Shapko – Saxophone Dick Verbeeck – Drums Thomas Winther Andersen – Bass 03-02-2024 Cottonclub, Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdams starts with Live Jazz again, Saturdays from 16:30 until 20:00

    4:30pm – 8:00pm
    Dec 17, 2023
    Loet van der Lee

    Loet van der Lee – Trumpet Willem Hellbreker – Sax Berend van den Berg – Piano Thomas Winther Andersen – Bass Joost Kesselaar – Drums

    4:00pm – 6:00pm
    Theater Posa
    Dec 13, 2023
    Eduardo Blanco

    Eduardo Blanco – trumpet Thomas Winther Andersen TBA = Drums TBA – Guit

    5:00pm – 8:00pm
    Cafe Alto
    Dec 10, 2023
    Chamber9 and Woodwind Quintet

    Axel Hagen 60th Birth celebration concert! Tunes from the great American songbook in colorful arrangements for Chamber9 and Woodwind Quintet. Axel Hagens arranging style and choice of tunes is very personal and has a uniqe combination of instruments and professional musicians.This time the entrance   More...

    4:00pm – 6:30pm
    Barthkapel Den Haag Venue url