Chamber9 and Woodwind Quintet

Dec 10, 2023

Chamber9 and Woodwind Quintet

Dec 10, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023

4:00pm – 6:30pm

Barthkapel Den Haag

Axel Hagen 60th Birth celebration concert!
Tunes from the great American songbook in colorful arrangements for Chamber9 and Woodwind Quintet.
Axel Hagens arranging style and choice of tunes is very personal and has a uniqe combination of instruments and professional musicians.This time the entrance fee (a bit higher then other times) enables Axel to put this wonderful group together, make this an unforgettable and unique experience and a realize a musical dream come true. After the concert there will be a little gathering to continue celebrating friendship and music.

Sanna van Vliet – vocals
Pauline Oostenrijk – oboe
Remi Kazukauskas – flute
Jan Smit – Clarinet
Frank Timpe – bass/contrabass clarinet
Janire de Paz Rivas – french horn
Axel Hagen – guitar
Michael Arlt – guitar
Thomas Winther Andersen – bass
Joan Terol Amigo – drums
Víctor Flores – violin
Ángela Moya – violin
Estela Briceño Mezquita – viola
Cèlia Torres – cello