Feb 25, 2016
    Robert Rook Trio

    Robert Rook – Piano Thomas Winther Andersen – Bass Bart Van Helsdingen – Drums



    • Apr 12, 2014

      TWA Music -Thomas Winther Andersen New Website

      TWA Music  has been upgraded. It is time to share on Face Book, sign in for newsletters, comment on recordings and concerts and  tell your friends? It is now possible to read and view the website in different formats at smartphone,   More...

    • Jan 15, 2014

      German press about Winther-Storm Spinnaker 2013

      Rock times 11.03.2013 “Kein alltäglicher Jazz ist das – Elemente der Fusion sind selten, aber effektiv eingesetzt, so dass das Ergebnis ein mich zufrieden stellendes ist und mich dazu veranlasst, diese Platte all Jenen zu empfehlen, die einer  More...

    • Dec 16, 2013

      January 2014 Winther-Storm plays four concerts in Amsterdam and Cologne

      In January 2014 Winther-Storm plays four concerts in Amsterdam and Cologne. 25/01 Cologne, Loft 20:30 26/01 Amsterdam, Rode bioscoop 15:30 27/01 Amsterdam, Rode bioscoop 20:30 28/01 Amsterdam, Badcuyp 20:00 Check concert calendar for details. The band wil  More...

    • Dec 16, 2013

      New CD Momentum with Robert Rook Trio

      October 2013 the new CD with Robert Rook trio Momentum was published. OAP Records produced the Album. In January 2014 It will also be available on iTunes. Major Dutch newspapers Telegraaf Headline: Surprising perfection View album menu for details.

    • Nov 10, 2013

      Spinnaker has won 12th Independendent Music Award, June 2013

      Spinnaker has won the  12th Independent Music Awards, USA in the category Jazz Albums. More than 300 Self-Released & Independent Label Artists were Nominated. See the official website and read an interview that was published here.