Nov 22, 2022

Robert Rook New Era Released

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A great new album with Robert Rook released.

Electronic Dance Music meets compelling improvisations

Robert Rook – Fender Rhodes & MPC Groovebox, Efraim Trujillo – Tenor & Soprano Saxophone Thomas Winther Andersen – Electric Bass, Bart van Helsdingen – Drums and Percussion

The Music on New Era associates with musical styles like Jazz-Fusion, Acid Jazz and Electronic Dance Music. It is influenced by artists such as Miles Davis, The Headhunters and Robert Glasper. The band has been playing together for thirty years, allowing the music itself to become their language. A few years ago, Robert started experimenting with an electronic groovebox giving a foundation and driving beat to New Era.

Rook reminds me of the better sides of ‘Herbie Hancock’.
(Phillip McNeely, Cadence Magazine, USA