Jan 15, 2004

Liner notes Out From a Cool Storage

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Line up

Line up

Liner Notes, Out From a Cool Storage.

I wish I could give you a good concise explanation about this music. If I said Jazz and you responded by being curious it would be easy. Is there a description of music that helps before listening? Could I give you a little secret to enrich the experience of hearing this band? I doubt it. The musical terms that could be applied are numerous: harmony, counterpoint, lines, odd meters, swing, songs, improvisation, instrumentation and sound. Each of these terms require a book and there are many good books about them, but it says little about the spirit behind our playing and of this particular recording.

As an illustration of how this project materialized. I thought of a chapter from Dostojevskij`s book “Notes From The Underground” (1864). I took the liberty to compress a passage into this digestible tidbit: Even if science would calculate what is the best for humanity and compiled it into a directory. It will fail! Man shall always live according to his own foolish will, and need one thing only: An independent desire, whatever that independence costs and wherever it may lead him

The title “Out From A Cool Storage” was taken from a Norwegian paper reviewing our first CD. This nonsense headline could regard any art changing in expression from cold, harsh, cynical, calculated to warm, expressive, human and colorful. I don’t think this band ever noticed such a change. We have always had a passion for what we do and we can only relate to the conclusion.

To place the band in a context of the enormous amounts of music that exists, I describe our style as music with a reference to the fifties and sixties. Cool Jazz, a stylistic distinction of that time, has lost most of its value according to the way we sound now. We still try to capture and continue the spirit of our musical ancestors, but the music develops and alters. The opening track Counter Action, insinuates the need for us of getting further out from a cool storage. The only question is where do we take it next? Enjoy!.

Thomas Winther Andersen