Oct 24, 2007

News archive from the first Thomas Winther Andersen – TWA -Music website

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News archive from the first Thomas Winther Andersen – TWA -Music website
It presents the first period of news on the website from 2001 until 2007.

From Update 19.06. 2007

  • July 21st 2007 Robert Rook trio is recording a live dvd. Interested? Just show up on this Saturday night at the Bimhuis at 21.00 hours.
  • Axel Hagen Quartet with John Roucco is playing at Reuring festival, Purmerend , June 27th. 2007.
  • Bimhuis Live – Dangerous Cats 2 is a new double cd with Robert Rook trio and quartet. It was released may 2007 for Ultimate Jazz Records. Volkskrant reviewed the concert…He is an extraordinarily complete pianist, and the beautiful grand piano at the Bimhuis has rarely been given such a heavy and satisfying workout as it has this Friday. 

From Update 04.05. 2007

  • May and June 2007, concerts with music by Stormvogel “Alter Ego” De Fuut, Kijk Duin Amersfoort Jazzfestival and Festival de Muse.

From Update 16.03. 2007

  • Every third Sunday of the months at 19.00 hours live at Cafe Lef Amsterdam, Thomas is featuring various guitar players in a trio with drums or a horn player: Axel Hagen, Jesse van Ruller., Guillermo Celano, Timucin Sahin, Ed Verhoeff, David Golek and more
  •  The cd Hymn For Fall featuring Andersen’s compositions is now available from the shop: Codaex is doing the distribution in the Benelux.   Side 2 concludes its review with: Now that Andersen has composed forceful, melodic jazz that presents a challenge both to listeners and players, there is not much more one could wish for. Except this: can somebody get the Robert Rook Trio onto a Norwegian stage as soon as possible?

From Update 06.12. 2006

  • March 2007 features a concert with Michiel Borstlap and Sibel Kose at the Bimhuis
  • February 2007, four concerts with music by Stormvogel “Alter Ego” . Each concert features a special guest in another discipline of art.
  • To many good things there is an end, also the Monday nights with concert and jam session at The Old Quarter. It is no longer Thomas’ department! After more than four years of running these nights, the regular trio with Joost Kesselaar and Wolfgang Maiwald is come to an end, we can look back at lots of fun and good music. Special thanks to all the musicians making their contribution and ensuring our success. Last concert with the regular house band will be february 19th 2007. There is still some video recordings from these nights available from the download menu.

From Update 09.09. 2006

  • Robert Rook trio has just released the cd Hymn For Fall featuring Andersen’s compositions. Some of the music was presented live at Festival de Muze September 8th 2006

From Update 22.07. 2006

  • Robert Rook trio plays at the North sea jazzfestival July 16th Volga 16.30 hours.
  • September 2nd 2006 Michiel Borstlap trio at Seven Bridges Festival Amsterdam

From Update 13.06. 2005

  • Robert Rook trio has a spectacular new live cd out Dangerous Cats, recorded live at Regentekamer, Netherlands. More details are in the Album menu.
  • East Of The Sun with Axel Hagen and Jimmy Halperin was released in june 2005. To order contact Bluejackjazz
  • Thomas is playing with Michiel Borstlap trio in Bodrum Turkey, June 22nd 2005
  • Out From a Cool Storage is Thomas` latest cd with his quintet Line Up. It was released in April 2004 by norcd and twamusic. Samples of the music, information about the recording and several reviews are found in the discography menu.
  • Every Monday night there is concerts and jamsession at The Old Quarter 21.00 – 01.00 Warmoestraat 20. Amsterdam. Each concert features a soloist with one of Holland’s finest musicians or an international artist passing through.
  • March 1st 2004 Thomas is performing in Ismir, Turkey with Timucin Sahin Trio
  • In October 2003 Thomas was commissioned by bassist Dan Styffe to compose a piece for bass and piano. World premier will be in Oslo this year with Gonzalo Moreno on piano. Read about Dan Styffe  here

From Update 18.01. 2002

  • October 6th 2002 Thomas performs at Istanbul International Jazz festival with Timucin Sahin Trio
  • 29th of January 2002 NORCD released the duo album “Too Much Bass”with drummer Chander Sardjoe Concerts were held in Oslo at Blå. at Bimhuis, Amsterdam and Sjuhuis, Utrecht. There is detailed information and reviews about the recording in the discography menu on this site.

Orkesterjournalen 0802 Sweeden writes: Lots of Bass it is but not too much the way it sounds on this CD The opening track, Waltz For Debby from this CD, was picked out as one of three finalist in a jazz competition held online. 111 other contestants took part in this event arranged by Jazzconnect.com Washington DC

  • From the 5th through 9th of February 2002 Thomas is playing with Rick Herter Quartet featuring Lee Konitz at Pompoen Amsterdam
  • Line Up is playing concerts in New York and Washington DC 6th through 12th of december 2001
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