Jul 1, 2007

Cadence Magazine – CD Hymn For Fall compositions by Thomas Winther Andersen

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Cadence Vol. 28 July 2007

Robert Rook
Hymn For Fall

Cadence reviews four CD’s in one article.

We have got two little ensembles working with group improvisation and two groups working with tight and traditional compositions. While your taste may dictate which you prefer, it is interesting to compare the results of their different approaches to making jazz

The music of the two cds without using tunes as a reference are described and then the article continues.

Pianist Robert Rook leads a mainstream trio through a series of seven compositions by bassist Thomas Winther Andersen. It is a nice mix of tunes, and Rook reminds me of the better sides of Herbie Hancock. He’s got a late Bop feel, but is not so clean and always on the money as to become sterile. The title tune is a sprightly waltz, too dancing to bring Evans to mind. My favorite of the pieces is “Kitta’s Bop Tic” based according to Andersen on a variation of Dexter Gordons “Soy Califa”. It is so deft and fun, it calls out for a horn to sing over its tight Latin bounce

The article concludes:
I guess whether you got a tune to play as with (3) and (4) or you’re out on your own with just your ears and your instrument (2) and (4). Jazz this good just ain’t never easy.

Phillip McNally