TWA Music CD Label

About TWA Music

TWA MUSIC is an independent jazz record label  that emphasizes on modern creative jazz. Productions include artists as pianist Robert Rook, Jimmy Halperin, Torgrim Sollid, John Engels, Chander Sardjoe, Miguel Martinez, Håkon Storm and others. Many of the releases were done in corporation with the Norwegian label NORCD The CD’s are available from the album menu. iTunes, Spotify, or as CD.

As a teenager discovering jazz, I would turn the radio volume all the way up, open the window and hope that every neighbor would be as pleased as my self about the world of Jazz. You can guess how well that worked! Now two decades later, this action has finally found a decent media to reach out, and I have been part of lots of music that I believe should be heard. The new possibilities to release music on the internet makes it possible to run an artist label next to being an performing artist.